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Inspections at industrial facilities are essential to avoid and/or minimize damage and risks and for the  preservation of equipment and systems. 

NR-13 is regulatory norm 13 of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Brazil, and aims to condition safety inspection and operation of pressure vessels and boilers.  


Due to the enormous diversity and complexity of these types of equipment, the interpretation of these requirements and their framing in the aforementioned standard can be very complicated. Improper interpretations can generate high costs, production interruptions, sanctions from inspection bodies and even risks of accidents and harm to the environment, unnecessarily.


in the equipment  framed in this standard, we carry out  you  following  services:

  • Survey of pressure vessels and boilers that meet this need;

• Classification of equipment in their respective categories;

• Definition of inspection and re-inspection periodicities;

• External and internal inspections and hydrostatic testing;

• Carrying out tests to replace the hydrostatic test;

• Verification of instrumentation sizing (safety valves and pressure gauges);

• Preparation of a safety log book;

• Manufacture and installation of identification plates;

• Reconstitution of medical records;

• Preparation of installation projects;

• Guidance for operator training;

• Rigorous integrity assessment of boilers aged 25 years or more;

• Structural and residual life calculation (maximum pressure and minimum thickness);

• Consultancy for the acquisition and dimensioning of vessels and boilers (project analysis);

• Management of periodic inspections and calibrations.

Tests and Tests - verification of the conditions of welds and equipment


• Ultrasonic thickness measurement test;

• Penetrating liquid test;

• Magnetic particle test;

• Scanning ultrasound test;

• Boroscopy/industrial endoscopy assay;

• Metallographic analysis.

• Hydrostatic test;

• Test on gas pipes to comply with PPCI:

        - Watertightness;         

        - Thickness measurement;

        - Preparation of isometrics.

nr 13
NR 13
nr 13 sergipe
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