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Adaptation NR-12

nr 12

To ensure the safety of all people working with electrical systems, it is necessary that the system equipment follows a regulatory standard, NR-12. This standard regulates the minimum conditions that all devices must have so that they can be used without posing a risk to safety. Among the requirements observed by the standard are the design of the machine and its respective use, as well as import and commercialization issues. However, for machines that do not follow all the standards, there is a solution: the  suitability of nr-12 machines. 

the work of  suitability of nr-12 machines  seeks to make machines that are not completely within what is regulated become capable of acting. This is done by making changes to the machine's system, making it meet the minimum requirements. This service is performed by companies specialized in the segment of panels and industrial installations, which have a highly qualified team to make this adjustment, changing only what is necessary, preventing the machine from losing its efficiency during the process. 


There are many advantages presented by the  suitability of nr-12 machines. First of all, the most important thing is to comply with what is foreseen by the regulations and, as a consequence, guarantee the safety of all people involved in working with that machine, avoiding accidents and diseases arising from the operation. 

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